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provillus for women

Traditionally, gorgeous and strong hair is a defining element of female beauty, and such problem as hair loss can turn into one of the worst nightmares for any modern woman. After noticing thinning hair on their head, or seeing a part of the hair collected on the hairbrush, ladies usually experience great anxiety and some sort of panic. Hair loss is usually related to male nature, and female hair loss is frequently neglected. If you are familiar with these problems, be sure that you are not alone! Hair thinning and hair loss are quite common conditions for an average woman, and every third woman after 45 has to face this problem.

Hair loss in women starts far later than the one in men, and usually it occurs on the top and sides of the head. Hair loss may cause depression, sadness, and have other negative psychological effects. Sometimes, even young women start losing hair on the crown or sides of the head, and the situation usually progresses after menopause. On the early stages, if hair loss is neglected it can progress to more serious levels. Natural effects, like seasonal changes, dying, styling, chemical processes, or stresses, diseases, medications, diet, insufficient nutrition, surgeries, sudden weight loss, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes, anemia, thyroid malfunctions may cause hair loss as well. However, in such situation, as the effects reduce, the most of the women recover their hair quite fast.

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Hair Loss in Women

provillus natural for women

Female Pattern Baldness (Alopecia) is not as rare as many of us suppose: it affects about 25% of modern women. In the majority of cases female hair loss is a problem of the women who entered into menopause period and experience substantial hormonal changes (for example, during pregnancy). In contrast to male patterns, hair loss in women usually occurs as hair thinning or scattering on the top center hairline or on the sides.

Female Pattern Baldness can be caused by a number or reasons, or a combination of those. Hormonal changes and imbalances are the main causes of hair loss in women. Increased amounts of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone in women, as well as changes in producing female hormones estrogens inevitably result in thinning hair. Substantial hormonal changes usually occur during pregnancy and menopause, that is why the majority of pregnant or menopausal women experience sudden hair loss. Improper hair care, including regular use of hair dryers or wrong styling techniques is the second leading reason causing hair loss. Genetic factors, stresses and improper nutrition are also among the main causes of hair thinning and loss of hair in women.

Provillus Formula for Women is designed specially for modern ladies as an effective hair loss treatment, which helps prevent unwanted hair thinning, provides necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals to your scalp and assists in developing strong hair follicles and growing new healthy hair. The key ingredients of Provillus Women's Formula are biotin, Vitamin B Complex, magnesium, Horsetail Plant extract, Pumpkin Seed extract, Muria Puama extract, Eleuthero and other natural constituents, which are vital for our healthy skin, nails and hair, protein digestion, normalization of blood pressure and proper functioning of the immune system. Provillus Formula for Women is a special nourishing and revitalizing treatment for hair loss, which not only promotes healthy hair growth, but also supports all important functions of your body.

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provillus for women
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